About Us

Founded in 2013, Cindat is a private equity investment platform that primarily invests in global real estate assets on behalf of its institutional investors. Cindat invests across the capital stack where it identifies relative value, including investments in direct real estate lending, securitized debt, preferred equity and common equity in the key markets of the world. As of June 30, 2021, Cindat manages $2.5 billion of AUM representing $8.6 billion of asset value across 19 distinct portfolio investments located in the United States, the UK, and Asia-Pacific.

Since its inception, Cindat has been at the vanguard of global real estate acquisitions by Chinese institutions. Cindat is also well-positioned to assist global investors in their investments into China, leveraging Cindat's access to China's large distressed market as well as attractive opportunistic situations. In addition, Cindat has built a global portfolio of high-quality healthcare and senior living assets. With these and other targeted strategies globally, Cindat provides its investors a broad range of investment alternatives and return profiles. 

  • Global Reach

    Headquartered in Beijing and active globally, Cindat is able to capitalize on regional and local investment opportunities, as well as to provide timely and effective asset management.

  • Local Expertise

    Each Cindat regional focus team is comprised of real estate and finance professionals who are well versed in their local coverage markets and possess a deep understanding of the real estate marketplace to provide timely local insights.

  • Institutional Pedigree and Practices

    Cindat's experienced team of industry experts and professionals hails from leading global institutions across the fields of private equity and investment banking, sovereign wealth funds, real estate investment trusts, and others, allowing Cindat to adopt a high-quality, investor-focused, multi-disciplinary approach to investments. Given this background, Cindat strives to conduct its business in line with international best practices for acquisitions and asset management, supported by its team of experienced finance, accounting, tax, legal and compliance personnel.

  • Rigorous and Adaptive Strategy

    Cindat employs a systematic and meticulous underwriting approach incorporating fundamental research, property evaluation, management and investment structure optimization to identify opportunities that provide attractive risk-adjusted returns which are appropriately calibrated to the market cycle. This approach is combined with an adaptive and flexible approach to developments in the global real estate and infrastructure markets, allowing Cindat to seize global opportunities, including in Asia inbound and outbound capital flows.