China Distressed and Special Situations

Cindat is well-positioned to assist global investors in their investments
into China, leveraging Cindat’s access to China’s large distressed
market as well as attractive opportunistic situations

  • Cindat's China distressed and special situations group focuses on non-performing loan portfolio investments as well as single distressed opportunities primarily backed by real estate assets including residential, office, commercial, logistic, and industrial assets located in developed areas and cities across China.

  • We have developed an extensive network of business relationships with China's leading asset management companies and commercial banks. Further, we believe that Cindat is well positioned to leverage the resources of our strategic partner and shareholder, China Cinda, a market leader in the China distressed space.

  • With over 20 years of combined local investment experience, the group specializes in making asymmetric debt and equity investments in assets that have the potential to provide substantial upside return with appropriate downside protection, and is well-placed to help global investors to access, identify, and capture uncorrelated opportunities in China across the non-performing loan and distressed space.